CBW Graphic Design is a custom design firm with more than 14 years of experience in our field. We realize that great logos don’t just materialize out of thin air with a single burst of inspiration. Successful designs usually require equal measures of creative imagination and hard work.

Our approach involves a thoughtful evolutionary process. It begins with concepts reflecting your interests and preferences and the prevailing graphic styles in your market and culminates in a logo design that truly expresses your brand’s own unique style and character.

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Price: $78.00
3 sets of designs
2 sets of revisions
5 logo formats

Power up your marketing campaign with our Basic Package: It provides the basic logo file formats that you need for your website, your business cards, flyers, direct mail pieces and other print marketing materials. You get a logo that works in various digital and print scenarios at a price that is easy to afford. And with our money-back guarantee, you can't go wrong.

Price: $109.00
3 sets of designs
2 sets of revisions
10 logo formats

Double your marketing power at one low price with our Pro Package. It is our best value plan. For just $31.00 more, you receive twice as many logo file formats,extending the range of its web applications. The additional formats not only enable transparency features allowing it to look good on colored backgrounds, but also affords the set up work needed to put your logo into place on two social media sites.

Price: $232.00
4 sets of designs
3 sets of revisions
24 logo formats

Supercharge your logo image with our dynamic Premier Package. It provides a versatile array of file formats that adds flexibility to your branding ititiatives. In addition to the logo formats in the Basic and Pro packages, the Premier bundle includes formats for grayscale and black and white printing for use in newspaper ads or fax transmissions and provides the set up for 4 social media sites.

With all logo design packages, each set of concept designs includes 5 samples or more, if necessary. We work closely with you in incremental stages to develop a design that expresses the hallmarks of your brand. The sets of logo revisions provide opportunities to fine-tune the final design.

*Satisfaction Guaranteed: We promise to refund the full amount paid for the Basic and Pro packages if you are not satisfied with the 1st set of design samples. Similarly, we offer a full refund of the $116.00 retainer payment for the Premier Package, if you are not satisfied with the 1st set of design samples.

Your acceptance of the 1st set of design samples is assumed if and when you initiate the 2nd set with a request for revisions to the 1st set or request additional design samples in the 2nd set; and no refund will be granted at that point.


Place your design order here: You will automatically go to our payment options page. You may pay by check, credit card, bank card or your PayPal account. We will respond with design samples within 5 business days after we receive your order, fee payment and any necessary follow-up information.

Please describe your organization: What kind of products or services do you offer? And what style of logo do you have in mind at this point?

Your brand identity program does not end with the creation of your logo. Often overlooked is the fact that your logo must look sharp in multiple types of applications and at various sizes.

We deliver your logo design in file formats that ensure it will look crisp and sharp at any size in print and on the web. And you also have the option to expand the range and flexibility of your logo with the acquisition of additional file formats for your design.

Business Cards require logo formats set for print.

business cards

Websites need logos set in photo formats.


Logos used on uniforms may need formats suitable for screen printing.

baseball hat

Size Matters: Scalable file formats help keep your logo looking sharp.

baseball hat

From business cards and websites to large formats like billboards, company autos, and, yes, even yachts, your logo should look good on any place.