Mission: Our mission is to help small businesses, organizations and firms prosper and grow by providing high quality custom design services at prices that are easy to afford. Like any other business, of course, we expect to profit from our work. Unlike many other designers, however, we feel that we can earn a living with reasonable fees for our design work without charging a premium for products or services acquired from our suppliers and vendors.

We are not locked into any commitments to stock photo shops or commercial printers for instance. You are assured that we are always looking for true value suppliers, getting the right vendor at the right price for the job. And, since we are an independent custom design firm, you can feel free to use your preferred vendors for printing, or web hosting, or email blasts or any similar tasks required for the project.

So, please consider us as your partners in design: a firm that you can count on to do the job right, on time and on budget to help your business prosper and grow. That’s our mission, purpose and vision as reflected in the image of two kayakers working as partners to cross the open waters and reach their destination in the early hours of a winter’s day.


Feature Photo:We superimposed an image of a compass with a Hubble Space Telescope photo to create a feature image. We like to think that it reflects the combination of artistic imagination and technical skills needed to stay on course and develop designs that communicate efficiently and achieve our clients’ goals.